Ernest Estates is a 100% black owned company founded in 2013.




Our mission is to search and trace any benefits due to our clients using every tool and technology available at our disposal. We aim to permit no funds or benefits to lie idle in the financial house, by putting them in the hands of the rightful owners.




Our vision is to be a company of high class and repute. If the benefit is there, we will find it. Our clients will never live in poverty if their parents or next of kin worked hard for them.




We seek to establish fully functional offices, and also to create jobs. At our disposal we have a legal department that aspires to assist.




  • title deeds
  • assist with claims
  • RAF claim assistance
  • tracing of beneficiaries 
  • divorce decree amendments




We assist the public at large who are not aware of funds that are due to them, including but not limited to widows and children whose parents contributed to provident funds. We assist anyone who suspects to have money somewhere but does not know how to claim it.